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Irregular Period: Foods To Help Regulate Menstrual Period

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If you have an irregular period, here are some foods that may help you regulate it.

IRREGULAR PERIOD – Here are some healthy foods that you must eat if you have an irregular menstrual period to help regulate it.

Some women experience irregular menstruation. They suffer from certain changes like missing three or more periods in a row, having heavier or lighter than usual flow, and others. Such changes are alarming and must be consulted to a doctor so as it may not lead to certain complications.

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Pineapple for Irregular Period
Photo lifted from Medical News Today

What affects your period include diet, exercise, and stress. When it comes to diet, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like fish can help reduce the troublesome PMS symptoms. Also, avoiding salt may prevent fluid retention, abdominal bloating, breast swelling, and pain.

Meanwhile, drinking caffeine will likely result in irritability, poor sleep, and menstrual cramps. The way you eat and the foods you take really do have some effects on your cycle.

Check out some of the foods that may help regulate your menstruation:

  • Ginger
    It has vitamin C and magnesium which can help contract the uterus.
  • Unripe Papaya
    It also helps to contracting the muscles of uterus.
  • Cinnamon
    It does not only enhances your food in taste and appearance but also enhances warmth within the body. This promotes blood flow.
  • Aloe Vera
    This regulates your period by controlling and managing your hormones.
  • Turmeric
    This is not only good to promote period but can also help ease the cramps.
  • Pineapple
    The bromelain it has can kickoff a period by aiding the shedding in the lining of the uterus. Apart from that, it can also improve the production of red and white blood cells as per a post from Times Of India.
  • Parsley
    It can help improve blood flow.


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