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Zinc Deficiency Symptoms

Here are the Zinc Deficiency Symptoms

Zinc Deficiency Symptoms – What are the signs that you lack the right amount of zinc in your body and the warning that you should address this health issue?

Zinc is a mineral that plays a vital role in growth and development. It is known as a great help for wound healing, blood clot formation, and thyroid function. Lacking the right amount of this in your system can be a problem.

Here are the signs you must know that will tell you that you might not be getting enough zinc in your diet, based on the article in The Healthy.

zinc deficiency symptoms
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Delayed or stunted growth

If your body is not meeting the growth standards and there is dysfunction in the immune system, most likely, you have zinc deficiency. To help you address this problem you can eat these foods that are rich in zinc: seafood like oysters, lobster, and crab; beef, chicken, and pork; nuts like cashews and almonds; and legumes such as chickpeas and kidney beans.


New York-based allergist Boyan Hadjiev, MD, who is certified in internal medicine and allergy and immunology said that low energy and depression are linked to zinc deficiencies. ADD and ADHD, have also been linked to this condition.

Slow wound healing

Another potential sign of zinc deficiency is slow wound healing. Dr. Hadjiev said that this deficiency is something that should be sorted out. “A patient doesn’t walk into the door and say ‘I have a zinc deficiency,’” the doctor said.

Rough and dry skin

Rashes and other skin conditions can also be signs of zinc deficiency. A primary care physician should consulted if you have symptoms.


This can be a normal thing to happen once in a while however, if you experience the symptoms more often then, this is something else.


This can be both symptoms of a zinc deficiency and a sign of too much zinc. Dr. Hadjiev said that overdoses would most likely occur from zinc supplementation.

Appetite loss

This symptom can come with impairments of smell and taste if you have zinc deficiency.

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