Allergies: Foods That Can Worsen This Condition


Here are the foods that you should avoid if you have allergies Certain foods can worsen your allergies and you need to avoid eating them to make sure your recovery. Food is essentially beneficial to the body but some foods can harm the body, especially the unhealthy ones. In some instances, some foods can worsen … Read more

Bad Hygiene Habits That You Should Stop Doing Now

bad hygiene habits

You should discontinue doing this Bad Hygiene Habits These are the Bad Hygiene Habits that have worse effects on your body more than you could think and you must realize that this is time for you to stop doing these habits. Aside from eating healthy foods, exercising, and keeping a positive mindset, you can also … Read more

Heart Palpitations: Foods That Can Trigger This Condition

heart palpitations

Avoid these foods to avoid heart palpitations These foods can trigger heart palpitations which is known as the sensation that feels like your heart is taking a leap, fluttering, or picking up the pace. In some instances, these sensations are brief and harmless, but for some people, the symptoms linger for a longer time and … Read more

Vitamin K-Rich Foods For Healthy Aging

vitamin k-rich foods

Vitamin K-rich foods are good for healthy aging Here are some of the Vitamin K-rich foods that could be beneficial to your body in order to achieve healthy aging. Vitamin K can help ensure your body has healthy blood, bones, and a good immune response. Here are the foods rich in this vitamin, based on … Read more

Electrolytes: What Are These & Why The Body Need It


What are electrolytes? Electrolytes are described as substances that assist your body in several processes, including chemical reactions and fluid balance. Most people grab a drink filled with electrolytes after working out or exercising instead of plain water as it is believed this can replenish the body. Power drinks or energy drinks, some called sports … Read more

Dandelion Tea Health Benefits

dandelion tea

Here’s what you can get from dandelion tea Dandelion Tea – Most people do not know or disregard the value of dandelion as this plant can be perceived as a nuisance that is necessary to pluck but experts believe the other way. Among the most common teas in the market are green tea and chamomile … Read more

Improve Cholesterol With This Diet, New Study Discovers

improve cholesterol

This is the diet that can improve cholesterol Improve cholesterol – Through this diet, based on a new study, you can achieve improvement in cholesterol. Food is among the essential things in life. This is one of the necessities of man. Through food, one can get stronger, healthier, and even happier. However, eating sometimes has … Read more

Most Common Places To Get The Flu

most common places flu

Here are the most common places where you can get sick Avoid these most common places that might give you the flu, especially during the holiday season when gatherings are plenty. The festivity this time of the year gets many people excited. This is the time of the year when gatherings, reunions, and parties are … Read more