Food Poisoning: Signs Of This Condition That You Should Know

Here are the signs that a person is experiencing food poisoning

Millions of people suffer from food poisoning every year around the globe and in order to create further damage to your health because of this condition, you need to know these signs.

Here are the signs:


When you experience this condition, it’s not necessarily that your body would dictate you to go to the bathroom. Breaking out in a sweat can be one of the early signs of this condition. This indicates that something worse will happen, based on the article in The Healthy.

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Among the good signs that your stomach is upset is when you experience stomach cramps and flatulence. If the abdomen pain doubles, it is a sign that bad bacteria are at work in your gut.


It is the more obvious sign of food poisoning. More specifically the bloody diarrhea. The cause of watery diarrhea is norovirus which is the most common cause of stomach flu, and it can spread via food handled by a contaminated individual.


Listeria and Campylobacter bacteria can cause a fever. Call a doctor if fever persists for more than 48 hours.


Listeria can cause this symptom and this might not appear for two months or more after you’ve been contaminated. Aside from this, a stiff neck or overall weakness are also signs of food poisoning.


It is advisable to hydrate when you are experiencing symptoms of food poisoning. Rais Vohra, MD, medical director of the California Poison Control System, Fresno/Madera Division in Fresno, California, said that it is advisable to drink lots of water or electrolyte-fortified solutions such as Pedialyte or Gatorade when this condition happens to you.

The expert also advised to avoid sugary, caffeinated, and alcoholic beverages because they can be dehydrating. When having this health problem, it is recommended to nibble small bites of bland foods like bananas, white rice, or toast.

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