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Stroke Warning Signs

Stroke Warning Signs – Things You Must Not Ignore To Identify...

Guide on Stroke Warning Signs Prompting the Need for Urgent Medical Attention STROKE WARNING SIGNS - Here is...
Steam Inhalation

Can Steam Inhalation or “Tuob” Prevent, Cure COVID-19? DOH Answers

DOH Reacts To Steam Inhalation or "Tuob" Being Linked to COVID-19 STEAM INHALATION - The Department of Health...
Hiccups Causes

Hiccups Causes: What Causes This and How To Make It Stop?

What are the hiccups causes and how to stop this? HICCUPS CAUSES - How can you treat a...
High Blood Pressure Remedies

5 High Blood Pressure Remedies For Instant Lowering of BP

Guide on 5 High Blood Pressure Remedies That Can Help You Lower Your BP Fast HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE...
Farting Causes

Farting Causes: Is Excessive Farting A Sign Of Bad Health?

Here are some farting causes and some facts you must know about this. FARTING CAUSES - Doc Willie...
Doc Willie Ong

Doc Willie Ong Answers: Why Many People Are Getting Fat Quickly?

What is the reason behind getting fat quickly? Doc Willie Ong has an answer to this. DOC WILLIE...
Iron Deficiency Anemia

Iron Deficiency Anemia Warning Signs You Must Not Ignore

Guide on Iron Deficiency Anemia You Must Not Take For Granted To Keep Yourself Healthy IRON DEFICIENCY ANEMIA...
Coronavirus Disease

Coronavirus Disease – Can Mosqitoes Carry and Transmit The Virus?

Lockdowns have been lifted and rainy season will soon approach, can coronavirus disease be carried by mosquitoes and transmit it to...
Clean Your Liver

Clean Your Liver Naturally By Eating These 8 Super Food

List of 8 Food To Eat To Clean Your Liver In a Natural Way CLEAN YOUR LIVER -...
Lower Cholesterol Level

Lower Cholesterol Level Naturally Through These Remedies

Here are some natural remedies to lower cholesterol level according to Doc Willie Ong. LOWER CHOLESTEROL LEVEL -...

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