Sauna: Health Benefits Of Doing This

Sauna has these Health Benefits

Sauna has been a trend these past years and here is why you need to start sweating by going to a steam bath.

Going to the sauna is one of the popular leisure destinations for people who want to relax and take a rest from a busy schedule. Spending time in a sauna could also have health benefits aside from the food feeling it gives to your body

JAMA Internal Medicine‘s study suggested that people who sat in a sauna at least once a week lowered their risk of dying from any cause by 22 percent, based on the article in The Healthy.

Harvard Health

By doing this at least four times a week, it would lower their risk by two-thirds. Sauna or steam bath is very popular in Finland where this study was conducted. It is also believed that a sauna can help brighten the mood.

Experts say that depression is one of the mental health issues that has no known “cure” but they are doing their best to discover many things that help understand the symptoms of sadness, hopelessness, exhaustion, and apathy.

Based on the study in Psychosomatic Medicine, patients with mild to moderate depression experienced significant improvement after sitting in a sauna for 15 minutes a day and this is for 5 days a week.

The heat, between 158 and 194 degrees Fahrenheit on average, may help strengthen the heart and improve circulation, a study from JAMA study also suggested. Because of this, the risk of heart attacks and strokes will be reduced as well as heart disease.

A steam bath was also found to be good in having a better memory. Studies showed that people who spend four times a week in a sauna were two-thirds less likely to be diagnosed with dementia later in life.

Spending time in a steam bath can also help regulate your appetite, the study in Psychosomatic Medicine also stated.

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