Privacy Policy covers topics which are very important to health and life thus the security of this website is one of the top priorities. In line with securing this site and building a wonderful connection with the visitors, we want to make its privacy policy known to every visitor and reader.

Data we collect…

This website collects the visitors’ IP address, statistic on the behavior of the visitors, the referral URL, and the computer and connection data. Meanwhile, rest assured that these pieces of information collected will be considered confidential.

We use cookies… use cookies for the best performance of the website on the browsers of the visitors. These are strings of information that will also be provided by the visitors’ browsers if they decide to visit the website again.

Business transfer policy…

In case the transfer of the to another party would take place, the other party will obtain the copies of the information collected from the visitors of this website. It can be utilized by the new party but in a way that abides by the policies set.

Ads… is only responsible for the strings of information set by the website. Those that are set by its advertising partners are not anymore covered under the responsibility of this site.

Changing of the Privacy Policy… reserves all the right to make changes on its privacy policy anytime it deems to. Visitors of this website are encouraged to continually check this page for changes. Meanwhile, rest assured that whatever change would be implemented by the staff, it will be in line with its goal to spread health awareness.