Ectomorph Body Type – Diet For This Type Of Body

Ectomorph Body Type

ECTOMORPH BODY TYPE – There are three somatotypes introduced and this is the appropriate diet for one type, the ectomorph. A tall and slim body is called the ectomorph body type. People who have this type of body have narrow shoulders and low muscle mass percentage. They have a fast metabolism and they can lose … Read more

Love Handle Workouts – Best Workouts To Lose Love Handles

Love Handle Workouts

Do you want some love handle workouts? Here are some moves that may help reduce this. LOVE HANDLE WORKOUTS – While it seems like there’s nothing you can do to lose love handles, don’t lose hope because these moves will help. The excess fat stored around our torso is actually an indication of poor overall … Read more

Signs of Brain Tumor – Never Ignore these Signs!!!

Signs of Brain Tumor

SIGNS OF BRAIN TUMOR – Many people’s brain tumor was detected late because they kept on ignoring its symptoms in the early stages. One of the best ways to stay healthy or, at least, make sure you are in good shape is to be aware of the symptoms of the different health conditions. Let us … Read more

Love Handle Fat – How To Reduce This?

Love Handle Fat

LOVE HANDLE FAT – Can love handles go away? Here are some simple and effective tips and ways to reduce love handles. There’s surely nothing to love about love handles. They are excess fats stored around the waist. This is completely normal but the word “excess fats” in it is enough indication that this might … Read more

Different Body Types Diet (Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph)

Different Body Types Diet

These are the different body types and the appropriate diet for each type. DIFFERENT BODY TYPES – Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph are three major body types, and here’s a diet guide for these types. Psychologist¬†William H. Sheldon has introduced three major types. These types are applicable to both males and females and they are Ectomorph, … Read more

Symptoms of Hypertension & Its Common Causes and Remedy

Symptoms of Hypertension

SYMPTOMS OF HYPERTENSION – Below is a discussion on the signs, common causes, and the possible remedy for high blood pressure. Many people are suffering from high blood pressure. However, in most cases where it led to stroke, they were not able to determine that what they were suffering were symptoms of hypertension. It is … Read more