How To Measure Waistline? (Here’s A Guide)

How To Measure Waistline

HOW TO MEASURE WAISTLINE – This is the correct and proper way of measuring your waistline and what the figure tells about your health. Your waistline size has a lot to tell about your current health status. The bigger your waist measurement means more excess abdominal fat you are carrying. This is how you can … Read more

Tomato – Is It A Fruit Or A Vegetable?


Here’s the answer to this question about a tomato. Find it out here! TOMATO – Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Find out the answer to the botanical and culinary classification of this. Solanum lycopersicum or tomatoes are among the widely-used ingredient in cooking. It can be added to any dish because it … Read more

Warm Vs Cold Water: Which Is Healthier to Drink?

Warm Vs Cold Water

WARM VS COLD WATER – Are you wondering which of these two (2) temperatures for drinking water would benefit your body best? Which water temperature do you prefer to have? Both of them actually have excellent benefits for the human body. You can get to know these health advantages below:

Health Benefits Of Garlic – What Can A Garlic Do?

Health Benefits Of Garlic

HEALTH BENEFITS OF GARLIC – These are the benefits of using and consuming garlic to the health – the confirmed health benefits of this. Garlic or Allium sativum is a famous ingredient used in many ways in culinary. Apart from its culinary uses, it is also best known for its medicinal properties and capacity to … Read more

Lymphocytes – What Is Lymphocytes, Their Function and Definition?


What is the meaning of lymphocytes and this word’s definition? LYMPHOCYTES – The immune system is a network of immune cells and part of it is the lymphocytes, and this is the function of this. The immune system is a large complex network of immune cells, organs, white blood cells, proteins (antibodies), and chemicals. They … Read more