Petroleum Jelly Uses – Ways To Use Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly Causes

PETROLEUM JELLY USES – Here are the different ways a person can use petroleum jelly for skin care and other skin conditions. When it comes to basics, there’s nothing that can actually beat the versatility of petroleum jelly. It helps lock moisture into the skin, treats skin dryness, and there’s so much more! This is … Read more

Lupus Disease – What Are The Different Types Of This Disease?

Lupus Disease Types

A long-term autoimmune disease is lupus disease and here are its different types. LUPUS DISEASE – These are the different types of lupus disease and what you should know about these types. Check it out below! The immune system protects our body from any infection and lupus is a condition where the body’s immune system … Read more

Castor Oil For Skin (Is It Ok To Apply This On Face?)

Castor Oil For Skin

CASTOR OIL FOR SKIN – These are the good effects and benefits of using castor oil on the face and on the skin. People typically use castor oil, a vegetable oil, for the growth of lashes and hair, but this oil also has potential benefits for the skin. This oil comes from the ricinus communis plant and … Read more

Chia Seeds Side Effects – What Are The Downsides Of Chia Seeds?

Chia Seeds Side Effects

Is there any chia seeds side effects? What are these? CHIA SEEDS SIDE EFFECTS – Salvia hispanica or chia seeds are beneficial but these are the possible side effects of excessive consumption. Chia seeds are small seeds known for their several health benefits because of the presence of important minerals and nutrients in them. They are … Read more

Blackhead Removal (Ways To Remove This)

Blackhead Removal

BLACKHEAD REMOVAL – Here are some safe and effective ways to remove and prevent these annoying blackheads in the face. Blackheads are mainly caused by increased sebum production in the skin and are stubborn. These are caused by clogged pores that appear in black, small bumps.

Lupus Disease – Symptoms, Types, and Causes

Lupus Disease

What is lupus disease? Find out some details here. LUPUS DISEASE – These are the signs and symptoms of lupus disease including its types and the factors causing this condition. The National Resource Center On Lupus described the condition as an autoimmune disease that can “cause inflammation and pain in any part of your body”. … Read more