Foods Bad For Asthmatic People? Here’s Guide on What You Need To Avoid…

List of Foods Bad for Asthmatic People Thus You Should Avoid Them

FOODS BAD FOR ASTHMATIC PEOPLE – You can check here the foods that you need to avoid to prevent trigerring your asthma.

Are you one of the people who are asthmatic? Asthma is a chronic lung disease that can affect people regardless of age. It is characterized by the inflammation and tightening of the muscles around the airways. It results to breathing difficulty on the patient.

Foods Bad For Asthmatic People
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Aside from breathing difficulties, asthma is also characterized by wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. This lung disease can be triggered by several factors including the following:

  • dust mites
  • mold
  • viral infection
  • allergies
  • air pollution
  • pollen
  • chemical irritants
  • obesity
  • weather
  • pets
  • stress

Aside from avoiding the triggers, there are also foods that asthmatic people must avoid as they can also trigger the lung disease. Among the foods bad for asthmatic people are those with sulfites, a type of preservatives. They are usually present among the following:

  • dried fruits
  • wine
  • picked food
  • bottled lemon
  • lime juice
  • maraschino cherries
  • shrimp

Aside from the foods containing sulfites, also among the foods bad for asthmatic people are those that cause gas. It is best to avoid the following:

  • cabbage
  • carbonated drinks
  • beans
  • fried foods
  • garlic
  • onions

There are also cases when an asthma is triggered by foods with allergens. In this case, it is best to avoid wheat, shellfish, dairy products, and tree nuts. Other foods with salicylates may also be the best foods to avoid if you are asthmatic.

If you have asthma, it is best to have a healthy diet. It may not only prevent asthma attacks but will also help you achieve a healthy weight, lower blood pressure levels, improved digestion, and lower cholesterol level.

Once you experience the symptoms of an asthma attack, it is best to seek a doctor right away. The sooner it is diagnosed, the faster it can be treated or, at least, to prevent things from getting worst.

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