Foods That Are Harmful For Your Immune System

worst foods immune system

For a healthy immune system, experts say you should avoid these worst foods The immune system is composed of cells, tissues, and organs that shield your body from microscopic threats like bacteria and viruses and these are the worst foods that will affect its function. Based on the article in The Healthy, experts recommend a … Read more

Healthy Foods To Eat – What Are These?

Healthy Foods To Eat

HEALTHY FOODS TO EAT – Here’s a list of some of the healthiest food we should eat in order to maintain good health and for longer life. A healthy diet is basically composed of healthy foods. This type of diet can help us prevent getting chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. It is … Read more

High Fiber Diet Foods – Rich Sources Of Fiber

High Fiber Diet Foods

HIGH FIBER DIET FOODS – Filling your daily fiber intake could be challenging but here are some foods you’ll actually want to eat that are packed with fiber. Institute of Medicine recommends that men and women, 50 or younger, should consume 25 grams and 38 grams of fiber daily, respectively. In order to achieve this, here’s … Read more

Diuretic Foods – A List Of Some Natural Diuretics

Diuretic Foods

What is a diuretic? Here are some diuretic foods! Check them out below! DIURETIC FOODS – Diuretics are also known as water pills and here are some foods that are naturally diuretic. Find out below! Water pills or diuretics are medicines that help the body rid of salt (sodium) and water. This helps the kidney release … Read more

Acidic Foods – Knowing What To Limit and What To Avoid

Acidic Foods

Here’s a list of some acidic foods and their acidity level. ACIDIC FOODS – If you have some problems with acidity, here are some foods that are acidic that you must avoid or limit taking. The acid level of foods is determined by their pH value. The values fall between 0 and 14 where the … Read more

Benefits Of Eating Cucumber (Find out here!)

Benefits Of Eating Cucumber

BENEFITS OF EATING CUCUMBER – These are the nutrients and benefits to health that we can get from eating cucumbers. Cucumbers are long, lean, and green garden vegetables that can be eaten raw and it used in many dishes, especially salads. This has come from the same family of watermelons and pumpkins. These are the … Read more

Corn Rice Calories – How Many Calories In 100 grams?

Corn Rice Calories

CORN RICE CALORIES – Here are some things to know about corn rice including the nutrients in 100 grams of it. The number of calories found in corn rice is pretty much smaller compared to white rice of the same amount. Corn is also richer in sugar and protein but rice is higher in calories … Read more

Corn Rice Benefits & Is This Healthier Than White Rice?

Corn Rice

These are the benefits of corn rice and some facts when compared to white rice. CORN RICE – Rice is a great source of energy and apart from white rice, a famous staple in some countries is corn rice, and here are some facts about it. The prices of white rice have continued to rise … Read more