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Why Drinking Smoothie in the Morning Is Better than Juice

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Drinking Smoothie Vs. Juice in the Morning

DRINKING SMOOTHIE – An expert explained that a smoothie is a lot more beneficial for the body in the morning than a cup of juice.

Most people know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – but not to say that lunch and dinner are not valuable. However, the morning meal is the one that kickstarts the day thus a big part of the entire day may lie to it.

Are you one of those people who are mindful about breakfasts or morning meals? Many individuals who are used to having breakfast can’t start the day right without it while others who are used not having it are also used to their routine.

For those who love eating breakfast to start their day, it won’t be complete without a drink. Do you prefer coffee, hot chocolate, juice, or smoothie?

Drinking Smoothie
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Most people have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate before breakfast. Thus, during mealtime, they have the choices to go either for a cup of juice or a smoothie.

Based on an article on Eat This, Not That! drinking a smoothie in the morning is a lot more beneficial for the body than a cup of juice – even if it’s a natural fruit juice.

Real Nutrition founder and director Amy Shapiro explained that in a cup of juice, you will lose the fiber but it retains all the sugar and calories which may be too much for the body. According to her, a cup of juice may be equivalent to 5-6 oranges and more than 300 calories.

Whereas, drinking a smoothie gets you all the fiber retained and in its natural form. It can fill you up and help prevent weight gain and as well as cravings for sugar.

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