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Why Eating Sausage in the Morning Is Actually Not Advisable

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Effects of Eating Sausage in the Morning w/c You Must Avoid

EATING SAUSAGE IN THE MORNING – Are you fond of eating sausage for breakfast? It is actually not advisable.

When it comes to foods, there are actually those that are chosen at a particular time of the day. They can actually be eaten anytime but there is really that meal time that many people consider “perfect” for that food.

Let us take for example the breakfast foods. Truth be told that many individuals would prefer having hot dogs, sausages, hams, fried eggs, noodles, and bread in the morning rather than in noontime.

Are you one of those people who are looking for this set in the morning? Most breakfast foods are fried ones and they are best paired with either sunny-side-up or scrambled eggs.

Eating Sausage in the Morning
Photo Credit: Edwards Virginia Smokehouse

However, do you know that some of these so-called breakfast foods are actually not advisable to be eaten in the morning? Eating sausage in the morning is not healthy for the body.

Based on an article on Eat This, Not That! Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesperson Roxana Ehsani cited that sausage is high in sodium and can raise blood pressure. It is composed of ground meats, flavorings, spices, fat, and binders.

The registered dietician nutritionist also stressed that eating sausage in the morning may get you high in saturated fat and overall calories. It can increase the level of bad cholesterol in your body or the LDL cholesterol. This food is also linked to an increased risk of chronic diseases and cancer.

Instead of sausage for breakfast, the better options include Greek yogurt, eggs, and nut butter. You might like almond butter or sunflower seed butter.

Meanwhile, this does not mean that you will have to avoid sausage your whole life. It is just that this food that is known for breakfast is actually not a perfect way to kickstart the day.

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