Ginger Tea Benefits – What Are The Health Benefits Of Ginger Tea?

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Here are some ginger tea benefits and other reasons to drink this beverage.

GINGER TEA BENEFITS – These are the health benefits drinking ginger tea may give to your body and its potential downsides you should know.

Zingiber officinale or commonly called ginger is a plant that is native to Asia. It is used in many ways but it is most famously used as a spice.

Ginger Tea Benefits
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The ginger spice comes from the root of the plant. Apart from being used as a food flavoring, it is also used as a medicine.

It has chemicals that may improve someone’s nauseous feeling and swelling. Besides nausea and swelling, it can be also used for menstrual cramps, osteoarthritis, diabetes, migraine headaches, and many other conditions.

Gingerols and shogaols are just a few of its major components and the reason behind its many health benefits.

Traditionally, ginger can be consumed or used in forms such as fresh, pickled, powdered, dried, candied, preserved, and crystalized. At current times, it is now available in forms like capsules, tinctures, extracts, tablets, and tea.

Now, how about it being a tea? What are the benefits ginger tea can actually bring to a person’s health?

Ginger tea can be made by boiling the peeled root in water or milk.

Here are some benefits ginger tea has:

  • Although inconclusive, a study in 1988 stated that it may relieve motion sickness. A cup can help ease symptoms like dizziness, vomiting, and cold sweats.
  • It may do the following to the heart according to a Healthline article:
    • lower blood pressure
    • prevent heart attacks
    • help prevent blood clots
    • relieve heartburn
    • lower cholesterol levels
    • improve blood circulation
  • It can help manage body weight by increasing thermogenesis, increasing the breakdown of fats to energy, inhibiting fat storage and fat absorption, and controlling appetite.
  • The gingerol and shogaol content it has are the ones behind its anti-cancer capacity.


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