Heart Attack Versus Cardiac Arrest – They are different…

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HEART ATTACK VERSUS CARDIAC ARREST – These two (2) health conditions that often considered to be similar are actually very different from each other.

There are countless terms but among those that should never be mistaken are the ones in the medical field. This arena talks about life and it is important to get the terms right.

However, despite other terms signifying a life-and-death situation, there are still instances when some of us missed their actual definitions. There are also times when they are interchanged with another term – just like “heart attack” and “cardiac arrest”.

Heart attack versus cardiac arrest? These two terms are not the same and many people would either interchange or think they are referring to the same condition.

Heart Attack Versus Cardiac Arrest

Heart Attack Versus Cardiac Arrest

Heart Attack – This condition occurs when there is a blockage in any of the arteries in the heart blocking the flow of blood that carries oxygen to the organ. Based on an article on Heart, if left untreated, it can lead to a worst case scenario – the cardiac arrest.

Before checking on the meaning of cardiac arrest, it is important to know the symptoms of heart attack. A person may experience chest pain, discomfort, nausea, and dizziness. The patient must relax to prevent further strain on the heart while waiting for immediate medical attention.

Cardiac Arrest – This condition occurs suddenly and usually without warning. Based on the article, an electrical malfunction in the heart is the root of this condition that brings irregular heartbeat. When cardiac arrest occurs, the pumping action of the heart is disrupted and it cannot send blood to the brain, lungs, and other parts of the body thus the person will lose consciousness in just a few minutes. If not treated right away, it usually results to death.

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