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Health Tips: What Does Your Tongue Indicate About Your Health?

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Here are some health tips about the connection between your tongue and your health.

HEALTH TIPS – This is how the tongue can help you determine health conditions difficult to identify at first glance. Check the signs below!

The small muscle inside the mouth that is important for mastication of food, assisting the swallowing, for speech, and for tastes is a tongue – a digestive organ. It has nerves that detect tastes and transmit them to the brain.

Tongue and Health Tips
Photo lifted from RDH Magazine

The tongue appears with small bumps. It is usually pink in appearance and strange as it may seem, the different appearance of the tongue to different person has a meaning. The tongue actually has its way to indicate if there’s something wrong in your body or health.

Check out the possible causes as to why a certain tongue looks like the way it is:

  • Tongue with white coating or white spots is possibly an indication of:
    • oral thrush as seen in infants and the elderly or people wearing dentures or with weak immunity
    • leukoplakia due to excessive cell growth in the mouth and this is most common to people using tobacco
    • oral lichen planus is the white lacy figure in your mouth that can resolve on its own
  • The red tongue is a sign of:
    • vitamin deficiency specifically folic acid and vitamin B-12
    • geographic tongue or the map-like pattern in your mouth and fortunately, this is usually harmless
    • scarlet fever also causes the tongue to turn red and usually, antibiotics are needed to treat this
    • Kawasaki disease make tongue red that comes with high fever and this is a serious condition
  • The black and hairy tongue indicates yeast infection, diabetes, cancer, therapies, or poor oral health. To some people, the hair becomes long which can gather more bacteria as per Cleveland Clinic’s post.
  • A tongue that is sore or bumpy could be due to:
    • trauma after some accidental bites, grinding, or clenching of teeth
    • smoking causes soreness
    • mouth ulcer
    • oral cancer


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