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Drinking Warm Water Before Sleeping? Here’s What You Must Know

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Drinking Warm Water before Sleeping May Actually Be Beneficial

DRINKING WARM WATER BEFORE SLEEPING – Here are the things you must know about drinking warm water before hitting the sack.

Water remains as the healthiest drinks most especially for individuals who have no kidney diseases. Those who have kidney problems may have limitation on water and other substances due to their condition.

Most especially during the summer season, people are advised to have at least eight (8) glasses of water daily. Although it is the known recommended in-take, it is not the same for everyone.

Drinking Warm Water Before Sleeping
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Individuals who are into sports or who have more physical activities must drink more water. A higher in-take is recommended also for those who are exercising.

With regards to the water in-take at night, many people intentionally avoid much drinking of water before sleeping. It is for the reason of avoiding frequent trips to the comfort room.

However, do you know that drinking warm water before sleeping may actually be beneficial for your sleep? It has a lot of benefits.

Based on an article on NDTV, here is a list of the benefits of drinking warm water before sleeping:

  • Helps fight anxiety and depression – Studies found that insufficient water in the body may lead to increased stress levels and depression. It can negatively affect the sleep cycle.
  • Promotes better digestion – Drinking warm water can help promote digestion and dissolve unwanted food in the digestive tract.
  • Helps replenish lost fluids – The body loses a lot of fluids when sleeping through sweating. Drinking warm water can help replace the fluids lost and keep the body working.
  • Helps release toxins – Based on the article, drinking warm water helps promote better blood circulation and increased body temperature producing sweat.
  • Helps achieve healthy weight loss – The in-take of warm water helps break down the food faster and digest it faster which can lead to a faster weight loss.

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