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Health Tips: Ways On How Your Personality Affects Your Health

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Here are some health tips about how your health is being affected by the type of your personality.

HEALTH TIPS – This is how your personality type can affect your health that you probably don’t know yet.

There are various types of personalities and people absolutely differ in this aspect. It can play an essential role in determining your behaviors and habits. And since they are connected that way, your personality type can also be in connection with your health.

Health Tips and Personality
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Your traits play an important role in your well-being. There were certain studies that showed how people who can socialize, have friends, and easily mingle with others are less likely to suffer some major health conditions.

Check out some other details below:

  • Extrovert
    They have stronger immune system and they tend to less likely catch common illnesses such as fever and common cold.
  • Narcissistic
    This type of people are egoistic or self-loving. They have an increased chance of developing heart-related conditions because of high levels of cortisols. The amount of stress hormones will not change even if they are not in a stressful situation.
  • Optimistic
    Being positive can have an overall beneficial impact to the physical health of a person. They also live a better quality of life because they can still find the brighter part in any situations.
  • Pessimistic
    They are the ones who always thinks of the worst which causes them to feel unhappy, anxious and resentful. It can affect the sleeping habit, eating habits, and among other factors. However, them, being very cautious tend to live longer because they are being very careful.
  • Resilient
    They are people who are curious, sociable, and cooperative. Studies show that it is best to do things that will exercise your brain, keep you engaged, and do exercise.
  • Stoic
    Being stoic is characterized by being independent and not saying anything amid a discomfort. This is a problem because you are avoiding that chance of getting help by not saying anything.
  • Conscientious
    This trait is linked to a good health and long life.
  • Impulsive
    This can result in various bad habits like abusing alcohol and illegal substances which are absolutely not good for your health.
  • Anxious
    There’s a higher risk of stroke, heart disease, and other conditions because of nervousness and being tensed.
  • Empowered
    This can have both bad and good sides. Good in a way that you can follow an instruction and bad in a way that you are emboldened to make decisions even without the proper guidance.
  • Hostile
    This is being associated with some health problems like heart disease as per a post from WebMD.


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