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Health Tips – The Dangers If You Don’t Wash Your Sheets

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There are health troubles lying underneath your sheets and here are some health tips about this.

HEALTH TIPS – Here are some of the dangers and hazards if you haven’t washed your sheets for a long time that might affect your health.

The drool, sweat, dandruff, and dead skin cells are not the only things you can find in your sheets. There are other “kinds of stuff and organisms” underneath that you can’t see. It is important that you must wash or change your sheets weekly or every other week for the sake of cleanliness.

Health Tips, Dirty Sheets
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Unwashed sheets can accumulate a lot of unpleasant objects that you should know. The gross part may not be visible in the eyes but it can cause something worse to you and your health that you will never know.

Check out the dangers below:

  • Mites – Dust mites feast on your dead skin cells. They feed on it and believe it or not, you shed thousands of dead skin cells everyday. Imagine those feasting on it on your unwashed sheets.
  • Pet’s hair – In between sheets lie the hair of your pet. If you are sleeping with your pet, change every week. Your pet can also pass a fungal infection to you.
  • Bacteria – Dead skin cells, sweat, saliva, and others are pooling in your sheets, an ideal spot where germs can grow.
  • Breakouts – If you’re having a pimple breakout, your pillowcase could cause it. Be sure to change your pillowcases every 2 to 3 days. Also, wash your pillow itself. Imagine putting your head in an object that served as a pool of fungus, dirt, and bacteria.
  • Sick – If someone has been sick, make sure to wash the sheets immediately because the germs are embedded into it.

According to WebMD’s post, it will be best to wash your bedding using the hottest temperature of the water that was suggested in the label. Also, it would be better in killing germs to use bleach or other germ-killers as long as it won’t affect your sheet’s color.


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