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Is Coffee Beneficial for Gut Health? Here Are Some of Its Possible Effects

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Guide on Whether or Not Coffee Is Beneficial for Gut Health To Help You Decide on Its In-Take

COFFEE BENEFICIAL FOR GUT HEALTH – Are you wondering if drinking coffee can help you improve your gut health?

A lot of people are coffee drinkers. In fact, many individuals have more than one (1) cup of coffee in a day that even having at night does not keep them from having a good sleep.

To others who are not used in drinking coffee, it can cause them to be wide awake at night. For the avid drinkers, some complain they experience headache in case they can’t start their day with it.

While coffee has some benefits like its ability to detoxify, there might also be other questions on its effects in other aspects.

Coffee Beneficial for Gut Health

Is coffee beneficial for the gut health? Many individuals are in the pursuit to keep the gut healthy as it is known to be the secret in being really healthy in most aspects.

Yes. Based on an article in News Medical, coffee can be beneficial for the gut health in a way that it can aid in improving the bowel movement of a person. It is even used as a “postoperative care for constipation”.

Aside from it, it was also found that mannooligosaccharides taken from coffee grounds can help boost the growth of the beneficial gut bacteria.

However, on the other side, the coffee grounds may also contain furfural and polyphenols that can prevent the grown of some beneficial bacteria in the gut. There are a lot of conflicting findings of studies about it.

Meanwhile, based on the article, it was found that a continuous intake of coffee for 16 weeks has effects on the growth of Blautia, Coprococcus, and Prevotella. The caffeine and the chlorogenic acid was also found to help restore the SCFA’s plasma level.

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