Drinking Vitamins with Coffee? Here Are Some Things You Need To Know

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Guide on Drinking Vitamins with Coffee w/c Surely Happen to A Lot of People

DRINKING VITAMINS WITH COFFEE – Here is a guide on some things you need to know if you are a coffee lover and you take vitamins.

Undeniably, one of the drinks that hooked a lot of people is coffee. Many individuals can even take not to have a meal in the morning as long as they have a cup of coffee to start their day with.

However, be reminded that breakfast is an important meal of the day and the energy you get from what you will eat or take can greatly impact your performance all throughout the day.

Meanwhile, it does not mean that you must stop your coffee. Of course, many people will find it hard. However, this drink must be done moderately as it may have other effects like on the vitamins you take.

Drinking Vitamins with Coffee

Drinking vitamins with coffee is not a good idea. The caffeine in your drink can prevent the absorption of vitamins and as well as minerals. Furthermore, it can increase the body’s excretion of these vitamins and minerals as well.

You can have a cup of coffee in the morning but do not take it together with your vitamins. Also, it is important to not over-drink coffee. The amount of caffeine in your body can affect the absorption or excretion of four (4) specific vitamins and minerals.

Drinking vitamins with coffee overload is not good for your calcium, Vitamin D, iron, B vitamins, and magnesium absorption based on an article in MD Linx.

According to the article, for every cup of coffee you drink, you will lose 5 milligrams of calcium. It also inhibits the absorption of Vitamin D which can result to bone-mineral density.

Furthermore, with caffeine being diuretic or water-soluble, the B vitamins are excreted with increase urination. The thiamine in coffee can also affect the metabolism of the body.

Based on the article, as with iron, the phenolic compounds in coffee bind the nonheme iron and it could affect the production of the red blood cells. The key is in the amount of coffee in-take and the time. It is best to limit it and have it an hour before a meal.

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