Causes of Hypertension: What To Avoid to Prevent High Blood

Causes of Hypertension

CAUSES OF HYPERTENSION – Diet is undeniably one of the main triggers of high blood pressure but there are several factors you must consider. Widely known as a health condition characterized by a high blood pressure level, hypertension is affecting not only middle-aged and senior citizens now but as well as young ones. This happens … Read more

Hypertension Symptoms: The Signs You Must Not Ignore

Hypertension Symptoms

HYPERTENSION SYMPTOMS – There are several health signs that warn an individual on the possibility that he or she is hypertensive. Hypertension which is mainly characterized by a high blood pressure level that can be triggered by several factors is common among many people. However, there are individuals who are already hypertensive but they are … Read more

High Blood Pressure and Its Effects To The Body That You Should Know

High Blood Pressure

This is how high blood pressure can affect the body. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – Here are possible and dangerous effects that a person might suffer because of high blood pressure or hypertension. The measurement of your blood pressure takes account of how much blood passes through your blood vessels and the amount of resistance the … Read more

Blood Pressure – This Is What Your Blood Pressure Indicates

Blood Pressure

This is what the reading of your blood pressure defines that you should know. BLOOD PRESSURE – Here are some of the things you should know about high blood pressure, low blood pressure, and normal blood pressure. The pressure on the arteries while the heart pumps are how blood pressure is being measured. It is … Read more

High Blood Pressure: Worst Foods If You Have This Condition

Processed Meats, High Blood Pressure

These are the worst foods you can eat if you have high blood pressure or hypertension. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – Here are the foods and the types of foods that you should not eat or avoid if you have high blood pressure. To get your hypertension or high blood pressure under control, the culprits from … Read more