High Blood Pressure: Worst Foods If You Have This Condition

Processed Meats, High Blood Pressure

These are the worst foods you can eat if you have high blood pressure or hypertension. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – Here are the foods and the types of foods that you should not eat or avoid if you have high blood pressure. To get your hypertension or high blood pressure under control, the culprits from … Read more

FRIED FOODS – Reasons To Stop Eating This & Diseases Linked

Fried Foods

Here are the reasons why you must avoid eating fried foods and the dangerous diseases being linked to this. FRIED FOODS – Some diseases being linked and associated to eating fried foods and reasons why you must stop consuming these. How we look from the outside is a reflection of what we put within which … Read more

Doc Willie Ong Reveals and Explains Top 5 Disease Of Filipinos

Doc Willie Ong

Below are the top 5 diseases of Filipinos according to Doc Willie and here’s an explanation to this. DOC WILLIE ONG – The list below are the top diseases as per Doc Willie Ong which are also considered as leading┬ácauses of death of Filipinos. According to Department of Health, the following conditions and health problems … Read more

High Blood Pressure: What Are The Foods and Drinks You Must Take?

High Blood Pressure

Here are some foods and drinks for people with high blood pressure that they must take. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – To beat high blood pressure and avoid complications, there are some foods and drinks out there which are a great help. Tagged as the “silent killer”, the condition called high blood pressure also known as … Read more

5 High Blood Pressure Remedies For Instant Lowering of BP

High Blood Pressure Remedies

Guide on 5 High Blood Pressure Remedies That Can Help You Lower Your BP Fast HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE REMEDIES – Here is a guide on five (5) things that can help lower the blood pressure level fast. A lot of Filipinos are suffering from hypertension. It is more commonly called by its characteristic – the … Read more

High Blood Pressure First Aid To Apply To Avoid Complications

High Blood Pressure

Doc Willie Ong on first aid for high blood pressured so as to avoid other complications. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – This is what to do, according to Doc Willie Ong, if you encounter a person suffering from hypertension A lot of people have hypertension. This is a common condition where the blood pressure spikes up … Read more

High Blood Pressure: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

High Blood Pressure

Here are some FAQs about high blood pressure. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – Here are some of the questions and answers about high blood you must hear from the expert Doc Liza Ong. High blood shortens life by taking 10 to 20 years, thus, change your lifestyle and turn to a healthier one. Also, don’t forget … Read more