High Blood Pressure – Dr. Willie Ong Explains 3 Levels of High BP

High Blood Pressure by Dr Willie Ong

3 Levels of High Blood Pressure According to Dr. Willie Ong HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – Doctor Willie Ong explained the three (3) levels of hypertension. A lot of Filipinos are undeniably suffering from hypertension or high blood. It is because most of us are into eating salty and fatty food and we usually take a … Read more

HIGH BLOOD – Doc Willie Ong Reveals Best Time To Drink Medicine

High Blood by Doc Willie Ong

Best Time To Drink Medicine for High Blood According to Doc Willie Ong HIGH BLOOD – Doctor Willie Ong revealed the best time to drink medicine for hypertension which affects a lot of people. Hypertension or high blood pressure is now one of the most common health problems in the Philippines. Sadly, not only those … Read more