Puffiness Around Your Eyes – How To Reduce The Appearance?

PUFFINESS AROUND YOUR EYES – There are many reasons why we develop puffy eyes but there are ways you can do to reduce puffiness.

Factors like crying, aging, lack of sleep, allergies, smoking, and certain medical conditions can cause puffiness. Most of the time, these do not cause a major health concern. But if it becomes bothering and stubborn, here are some remedies for it.

Puffy Eyes Due To Crying: Home Remedies For Your Swollen Eyes After Crying

These are the ways on how to get rid of your puffy eyes from crying.

PUFFY EYES – Here are some home remedies you must know on how to treat and get rid of your red, swollen eyes due to crying too much.

A swollen face, a bright red nose, and puffy eyes are all caused by crying too much. And in most cases, you dont want for other people to see you in this situation, however, your puffing eyes is difficult to be made unnoticeable as these can last for few minutes to hours. This is because fluid gathers around your eye area and in the eyelids. The medical term for this is “periorbital puffiness.”

Puffy Eyes
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Here are some remedies to this:

  • Cold compress can help reduce the swelling by gently pressing it into your eyes for few minutes.
  • A refrigerated 1/4-inch slice of cucumber placed in your eyes can soothe its puffiness and eventually helps you get rid of it.
  • Refrigerate two wet tea bags for 20 minutes and apply on your eyes by leaving it there for 15 to 30 minutes. Accordingly, black tea has caffeine which can penetrate the skin, ease puffiness, and increase circulation.
  • In a gentle manner, tap or massage the affected area to stimulate blood flow.
  • Use an eye roller with eye cooling gels to help with the inflammation.
  • Apply chilled face cream or serum to cool down the area in your eye in order to reduce swelling.

Meanwhile, as for the redness, use eye drop or cover it by a tightline using blue eyeliner, applying color-correcting concealer, or apply color to your face so as to hide it.

It is inevitable to have a good cry sometimes once sadness or stress strike but see to it to have someone to talk to who can help you sort out your thoughts and feelings. You don’t have to go through everything alone.


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