WATER INTOXICATION – Are Babies 0-6 Months Old Allowed To Drink Water?

What is water intoxication to babies of 0-6 months old?

WATER INTOXICATION – Here are some of the important things you must know about water intoxication to 0-6 months old babies.

Accordingly, the condition of water intoxication is quite rare but it is essential for everyone to know how deadly it can get to babies. This can basically occur when someone drinks too much water diluting the concentration of serum electrolytes in the body.

Water Intoxication

Based on an article from What To Expect, parents should only allow their babies to drink water once they also start to take solid foods. You can let them eat solid foods between their fourth to sixth month but experts highly suggest to do it if the baby is already almost six months old.

And once they start drinking water, it should be consumed little at a time. From six months old, babies need 4 to 6 ounces of water per day or just a little over of half a cup. Young babies get their hydration from breast milk or formula.

In terms of drinking water, it is always best to ask your pediatrician about the amount allowed for your baby. As much as we all need water to stay alive, intoxication to infants is dangerous which is why everyone must know this.

Here are some signs, meanwhile, if the baby is dehydrated:

  • Lesser than 6 wet diapers in one day
  • Dark yellow urine
  • cracked lips
  • Crying that has few tears or no tears at all
  • Dry skin and it doesn’t bounces back when pinched
  • Sunken eyes
  • Listlessness
  • Sunken fontanelle
  • Extreme fussiness
  • Unusual sleepiness
  • Cold hands and feet

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