Blood Pressure Levels: Here’s What You Must Know

Blood Pressure Levels

BLOOD PRESSURE LEVELS – The blood pressure or more commonly called “BP” are in ranks and the digits can be indicators of your health. Many people were surprised that they have a high blood pressure level. Most often, this shock comes as one is not aware that his or her BP is taking the steps … Read more

Degloving – What Is Degloving Injuries and Its Types and Causes?

Degloving Injuries

Here are some of the things you should know about degloving, a traumatic injury. DEGLOVING – These are the types, causes, and treatments of a traumatic injury called degloving that you probably don’t know yet. Injuries refer to the damages obtained by either accident, hits, falls, weapons, or others. The common types of injuries are … Read more

Asymmetrical Face – Reasons Why Your Face Is Not Symmetrical

Asymmetrical Face

Some important details about having an asymmetrical face that you probably don’t know yet. ASYMMETRICAL FACE – What are the details a person should know about having an asymmetrical face? Is there any way and tips to fix this? A person cannot surely have a perfectly balanced and symmetrical face. Looking at your photos, you … Read more

Thalassophobia – What Is Thalassophobia, How To Overcome This


What is the meaning of Thalassophobia and what are some things you should know about phobias? THALASSOPHOBIA – While some love the ocean, some just don’t and this fear is called thalassophobia, here are some other things about this. Johns Hopkins Medicine defined phobia as the “uncontrollable, irrational, and lasting fear of a certain object, … Read more

Lucid Dreams – What Is A Lucid Dream and What Does It Means?

Lucid Dreams

This is what lucid dreams mean and some details about this. LUCID DREAMS – Dreaming of being conscious during a dream is lucid dreaming and here are some things to know about lucid dreams. Many people have surely experienced being conscious in a dream and, isn’t this mind-blowing? This happens when a person is asleep … Read more

White Discharge In Women: What Does This Incident Indicates

White Discharge In Women

This is what a white discharge in women means and what they should do about it. WHITE DISCHARGE IN WOMEN – Experiencing discharge is just a normal occurrence and here’s what it means when what has gotten out is in color white. The occurrence of discharge in a woman is normal. There are different types … Read more

Symptoms of Dementia: Signs and Symptom Of This Brain Disorder

Symptoms of Dementia

What are the signs and symptoms of dementia? What should you know about this? SYMPTOMS OF DEMENTIA – These are the signs and symptoms you must look after to if you are suspecting a person to having a dementia. The loss of thinking ability, memory, and other mental abilities falls under the broad term dementia. … Read more

Causes Of Dementia: Factors That Increases Chances Of Dementia

Causes of Dementia

Here are the causes of dementia and factors that likely increases its chance to develop. CAUSES OF DEMENTIA – These are the factor that may possibly increase the chance of a person developing dementia, a brain disorder. A term used to describe the cognitive decline and abnormal brain changes is called dementia. This term generally … Read more

Signs Of Intelligence: Indications That Tell You’re Intelligent

Signs Of Intelligence

Here are the signs of intelligence that you probably don’t know yet. SIGNS OF INTELLIGENCE – These are the signs that you are more pretty intelligent than you think you are. Check out below! The word intelligence itself has no standard definition because it can be a single, general ability or something that encompasses a … Read more