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Mango Benefits: What You Can Surprisingly Get from this Fruit

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List of Mango Benefits for the Human Body

MANGO BENEFITS – Here is a guide on the surprising benefits that this delicious fruit which is a favorite of many people can bring.

Some fruits are more popular and more accessible than the others. Most of these have become the people’s favorite. They can be eaten as they are and they can also be additional to dishes or included in meals.

Many people who are health conscious would rather have a slice of fruit as dessert than sugary foods out there. Fruits are among the healthiest foods you can reward yourself with.

One of the most popular fruits in the Philippines is the mango fruit. It is a stone fruit of the tropical tree Mangifera indica.

Mango Benefits
Photo: BBC Good Food

However, truth be told that despite the prominence of mango, there are several mango benefits not known to the people. Based on an article on Healthline, here is a list of the surprising things it can do to the body:

  • High in Antioxidants – The mango fruit contains polyphenols, plant compounds that work as antioxidants. It also contains other antioxidants such as anthocyanins, catechins, kaempfreol, mangiferin, benzoic acid, rhamnatic, and quercetin.
  • Helps boosts immunity – Mango contains Vitamin A which is essential for a healthy immune system. It helps fight infection. It also contains Vitamin C which is also a great immune booster.
  • Supports heart health – Also one of the mango benefits is the fruit’s ability to support a healthy heart with its magnesium and potassium content. It helps maintain healthy pulse and keeps the blood vessels relaxed.
  • Improves digestive health – Mangoes contain digestive enzyme amylases which break down complex carbohydrates into sugars like maltose and glucose.
  • Helps keep the eyes healthy – Based on the article, this fruit contains zeaxanthin and lutein which are antioxidants for the eyes. They act as natural sunblockers that absorb excess light.

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