Lack Of Sleep: Signs That You Don’t Get Enough Amount Of Sleep

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Here are the signs of lack of sleep you must know.

LACK OF SLEEP – These are the signs that everyone must watch out for which indicate that you are not having enough amount of sleep.

Enough and quality rest and sleep go a long way. It is one of the most essential tips to have a healthy mind and body. For most adults, one must have 7 to 8 hours of good quality sleep regularly each night.

Lack Of Sleep
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Here’s how much sleep teens and children need:

  • Teens – 8 to 10 hours of sleep
  • School-aged children – 9 to 12 hours of sleep 
  • Preschoolers – 10 and 13 hours a day (including naps)
  • Toddlers – 11 and 14 hours a day (including naps)
  • Babies – between 12 and 16 hours a day (including naps)

A good and quality sleep on a regular basis can improve your issues from your blood sugar to your workouts. Its other benefits include sharper brain, boost mood, healthy heart, steady blood sugar level, and control weight.

Now, in order to know if you lack sleep, here are the signs:

  • You feel moody.
  • Dimming memory and focus.
  • You gain weight.
  • You struggle from breakouts.
  • Your eyes appear red and puffy and you have eyebags and dark circles.
  • Being crumpy in the morning.
  • You feel depressed.
  • You chug caffein.
  • You tend to experience junk food craving as per post from WebMD’s page.

It is important to know that too much of everything is bad and that includes sleeping. Sleeping way over the suggested might do harm to you such as more calcium buildup in the heart arteries and less flexible leg arteries.

Lack of sleep, in the long run, affects your health, mental abilities, and puts your physical health at real risk. Remember that your body needs sleep just the same as how much it needs air and food to function well and properly.


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