Is Hair Fall A Sign of Cancer? Here’s What You Should Know

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Hair Fall A Sign of Cancer – Yes or No

HAIR FALL A SIGN OF CANCER – Many people are worried if extreme hair fall or hair loss indicates the possibility of having cancer.

One of the diseases that many people are afraid of is cancer. A lot of individuals lost their lives to this disease which can be hereditary (running in the genes) or acquired due to an unhealthy habit or unhealthy lifestyle.

Cancer has several types depending on the parts of the body where it first developed. It can start in a certain organ and, later on, spread inside the body if left untreated.

Cancer has levels or severity. The earlier it is detected, the higher can be the chance of treatment and recovery.

Hair Fall A Sign of Cancer
Photo: Harvard Health

To detect a health condition early, it is advised that you must be observant of the changes in your body. Not noticing the initial symptoms or taking it for granted is usually the root of certain diseases going severe before they were even diagnosed.

With regards to hair fall as a possible sign of cancer, based on Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, hair fall or hair loss does not mean that you have cancer. This usually happens not as a sign of cancer but as an effect of the treatment – often the chemotherapy.

There are different treatments for the said disease and one treatment may not have similar effects among several patients. One may work well with a person but not with another person.

According to the article, hair fall is not a symptom of cancer but it can be the result when the normal cells in the body are also attacked during the chemo session. The condition is called alopecia.

Not all patients of this disease will experience alopecia during the treatment as it will depend on the medications taken but it is normal for the scalp to soften and for hair loss to take place not only in the scalp but even in your eyebrows, eyelashes, and other body hair.

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