Heat Exhaustion Vs Heat Stroke: Here’s Their Different Symptoms

HEAT EXHAUSTION VS HEAT STROKE – Here are the symptoms of these two (2) conditions which usually one is mistaken as the other.

Too much exposure to heat is never good for the body most especially those who are suffering from high blood pressure. It can lead to heat stroke. Thus, it is important to be able to determine whether the condition is heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Heat Stroke versus Heat Exhaustion: Differences and Treatment

What are the differences of heat stroke and heat exhaustion?

HEAT STROKE – Public health expert Doc Willie Ong shares the differences of a heat stroke to heat exhaustion and how to treat both conditions.

Based on a previous report, heat stroke is “a form of hyperthermia where the temperature of the body rises dramatically”. It is an emergency and life-threatening medical condition which needs treatment as soon as possible.

On the other hand, heat exhaustion by definition based on Mayo Clinic is a condition with symptoms include such as heavy sweating and a rapid pulse. Without proper treatment, this can lead to heat stroke.

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According to Doc Willie Ong, here are the symptoms of these two conditions:

– throbbing headache
– no sweating
– red, hot, dry skin with a body temperature over 103 degrees
– nausea and vomiting
– rapid and strong pulse
– loss of consciousness

– faint or dizziness
– too much sweating
– cool, pale, clammy hands
– nausea and vomiting
– rapid and strong pulse
– muscle cramps

Both condition’s major cause is excessive heat and in terms of treatment, the stroke needs emergency while in exhaustion, a person must only be taken to a cooler location, drink water, and a cool shower or cold compress.

Among the similar prevention tips to avoid both of these conditions is to drink plenty of water, skin protection such as sunscreen or wearing of hats, using umbrella, and wearing of sunglasses, using loose-fitting and light-weight clothes, and avoiding direct contact with the sun.

Summer is the time where the weather is really hot. This is also the best time to got to beaches and resorts to cool down, however, for this year, we have to spend it at home due to threats of COVID-19.

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