Warm Vs Cold Water: Which Is Healthier to Drink?

WARM VS COLD WATER – Are you wondering which of these two (2) temperatures for drinking water would benefit your body best?

Which water temperature do you prefer to have? Both of them actually have excellent benefits for the human body. You can get to know these health advantages below:

Cold Water vs. Warm Water: Which Is Better and More Beneficial?

Here’s a comparison between cold water versus warm water.

COLD WATER – Learn which is more beneficial between cold water and drink water in order to maximize the benefits it contains.

Drinking enough amount of water to keep hydrated is very essential and offers a lot of benefits to our health. It supports all bodily functions such as digestion, metabolism, getting rid of waste, maintaining a normal body temperature, and keeping organs and tissues healthy. And some even said that it promotes weight loss.

Cold Water

However, there are several arguments going on as to what is the best temperature for it to be drank. Some believe its better when it’s warm but some say otherwise.



  • works great as post-workout drink
  • effective to avoid heat stroke and lower body temperature
  • burns 70 calories each day which aid weight loss

Meanwhile, cold water has an effect to digestion because the digestive system has to take up much work to warm cool foods and liquids. This leads to longer process of digestion resulting to indigestion, constipation, and other digestive issues. This makes it best to consume only when exercising, if it’s high temperature outside, and when you have a fever.



  • helps improve digestion and prevents indigestion and constipation
  • flushes out toxins and prevents skin issues like acne
  • it helps in easing some types of pain like such as menstrual cramps, headaches, joint pains, and many others.

Experts say that warm is much better than cold and the best time to drink it is every morning when you wake up as kick start for your metabolism and drink with your meal. According to an article from My Own water, the body will serve as your guide on what to drink because both has it pros and cons.


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