Health Benefits Of Crying – How Can Crying Affect Your Health

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Here are the health benefits of crying and the ways it can affect your health. Check it out below!

HEALTH BENEFITS OF CRYING – Don’t hold back your tears! These are the ways how crying can affect and benefit your health.

Crying is oftentimes tied to our negative feelings and emotions. We cry because we’re sad, we lost someone important, we are heartbroken, and many more. It is also a sign of weakness and lack of emotional stamina to men. But sometimes, crying is an indication of happiness as well. And happiness that makes us cry is deeper.

Health Benefits Of Crying
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But really, crying is just our natural response to a range of emotions. And medically speaking, crying can bring us an array of health benefits that most of us are not aware of yet.

Here are some of the health benefits you can get from crying:

  • It helps a person soothe himself. Tearing up makes them manage their emotions, calm themselves, and reduce their own distress.
  • Makes them gain support from others – a social benefit.
  • Releases oxytoxin and endorphins, these chemicals will make you feel good physically and emotionally and boosts your mood.
  • It helps relieve stress.
  • Crying has calming, mood-enhancing, and pain-relieving effects which helps up get to sleep a bit easily.
  • It can keep the eyes clean because tears lysozyme, a fluid that has antimicrobial properties.

However, when crying happens too much for no apparent reason or frequently, this is a sign that you must see your doctor. According to an article from Medical News Today, another reason that you should have yourself checked is when you are crying uncontrollably and when it starts to affect the activities you do daily.


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