Healthy Snacks You Thought To Be Healthy But Are Actually Not

Here are the said healthy snacks but actually not healthy at all!

HEALTHY SNACKS – These are the list of foods that are said to be healthy but actually are junk foods in disguise and not healthy at all.

Foods have primary roles in our health. Eating unhealthy may lead to gaining weight and the development of chronic diseases while consuming healthy ones may give you a longer and happier life. It’s always a decision and always up to the person on what to eat and many experts have suggested that people must opt for the healthier options.

Healthy Snacks
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However, there are some foods tagged as healthy snacks but actually not healthy at all. Snacks is the one we enjoy in between meals and is also a part of a healthy eating pattern. Through this, you may get important nutrients to keep you energized and fill your hunger in between meals but it depends on what food or snacks you eat.

Check out below the “healthy snacks” but are really not healthy at all:

  • Dried fruits in your trail mix are high in sugar. Always check the label.
  • Granola bars also hide a high content of sugar. You may eat an apple or a banana instead of this.
  • A 6-ounce container of flavored yogurt has as much as 32 grams of sugar in it. Even sugar-free yogurt might also be alarming because of the aspartame it contains causing digestive problems. Choose the plain one with fresh fruits on the side.
  • Nuts have good fats but honey-roasted nuts are loaded with salt and sugar. To give your plain nuts some sweetness, you may instead add cinnamon or vanilla extract to it.
  • Canned fruits drowned in syrup have a lot of sugar. Find something that is packed in water or its own juice.
  • Beef jerky is also something you need to be careful of because as per WebMD, “any kind of jerky is high in sodium”.


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