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Why Pancakes and Waffles Are Actually Not Good Choices for Breakfast

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Effects of Eating Pancakes and Waffles Every Morning

PANCAKES AND WAFFLES – These are two of the breakfast options that are usually taken but are actually not good choices to pick daily.

Some foods are known to be options at a particular meal. Let us take for example the breakfast foods – they include the pancakes and waffles, hotdogs, sunny-side-up eggs, cereal, oatmeal, and chocolate drinks.

These so-called breakfast choices may also be eaten for snacks in the afternoon but most people stick to them in the morning. However, not everyone is aware that they might not be good choices daily.

Pancakes and Waffles
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Let us talk about pancakes and waffles. Are you one of those who love eating these two (2) breakfast foods or just one of them in the morning? They are best paired with butter and syrup, aren’t they?

However, choosing these two (2) foods made of refined flour for your breakfast everyday is not a sound decision. Based on an article in Healthline, they are very high in refined flour which researchers believe to increase the possibility of obesity and insulin resistance.

Furthermore, pancake is usually paired with high-fructose corn syrup which can trigger inflammation that would contribute to insulin resistance. It can further lead to prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.

This does not mean that you need to totally get away from pancakes and waffles. The key is moderate intake of these breakfast foods. Based on the article, a pure maple syrup is also a better choice than the pancake syrup.

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