Bad Effects of French Fries? Here’s What You Probably Don’t Know

Guide on Bad Effects of French Fries thus You Must Eat It Moderately

BAD EFFECTS OF FRENCH FRIES – Here is a guide on the negative effects to the human body of eating French fries frequently.

Most people share the same ground when it comes to eating – many can do it non-stop considering that there are a lot of delicious foods around. Eating is even the stress reliever of many individuals whenever they are faced with huge challenges in school, at work, in their relationships, or in any other aspect of life.

However. while there are a lot of delicious foods around, not all of them are healthy for the body. In fact, most of those delicious foods that are a favorite of many people have several disadvantages for the body but they are overpowered by their taste.

Truth be told that one of the unhealthy foods that many people love is French fries. There are several bad effects of French fries and we will tackle them in this article.

Bad Effects of French Fries

Based on an article on Eat This, Not That!, French fries can cause stomach pains as they are digested slowly because of its fats. Proteins and carbs are easier and faster to digest than fats.

Also one of the bad effects of French fries is that it can make the brain foggy. It is mainly because of the hydrogenated oils used in cooking it. It also increases the risk of heart disease.

Based on the article, eating French fries frequently may also affect the immune system of the body as a high-fat and greasy diet may damage the gut microbiome by boosting the unhealthy bacteria and getting rid of the healthy bacteria of the body.

It is no secret to the public that eating French fries frequently can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. You are not urged to really avoid it 100% but not eating this food more than twice a week can really help keep your body healthy.

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