Oral Health – Habits That Can Harm and Destroy Your Teeth

Here are the habits that can destroy your oral health and teeth.

ORAL HEALTH – Your teeth are important and these bad habits can destroy and harm them so steer away from these tooth-damaging habits.

The teeth chew our food which makes it essential for our physical health and other bodily functions. It chews the food for it to be easily digested and absorbed by our bodies. Apart from that, the teeth also play a part in the correct pronunciation of words and enhance our facial structure.

Oral Health
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However, in some instances, some of our daily habits actually cause harm to our teeth in the long run. And if not prevented, these habits can have a long-term impact on your white set.

Check out below:

  • Ice are natural and sugar-free but is not good for your teeth, why? The frozen cubes can chip and crack a tooth.
  • Not using mouth guard while playing a contact sport can destroy your pearly whites. You can buy mouth guard or have it customized by your dentist.
  • Tongue piercings have metal and biting it can cause a crack and damage the gums, where in worst cases, can lead to tooth loss and raises risk of infections.
  • If you’re stressed or sleeping, some people tend to grind their teeth against each other and this habit ultimately damages the teeth.
  • Sugar treats and others that have sugar can raise risk of tooth decay. Just like gummy candies, they stick into your teeth keeping the sugar sticking on it for hours as well. For sodas, apart from sugar, they also have phosphoric and citric acids destroying your enamel.
  • Using your teeth to open bottle caps or plastic packaging can also crack or chip it. Teeth’s main purpose is to chew your food.

Drinking sports drinks, fruit juices, munching on potato chips, drinking coffee, the habit of biting off your pencil, smoking, binge eating, and snacking too much can all damage your teeth as per an article from WebMD.


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