Brisk Walking For Weight Loss – Is Walking Enough To Lose Weight?

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Here are some tips to lose weight by just doing brisk walking or walking. Check it out below!

BRISK WALKING – In order to lose weight and burn calories, this is how much walking should you do in order to achieve this.

Losing weight is absolutely hard. It takes a lot of discipline and hard work. It is also not something that you can just achieve overnight.

Brisk Walking
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Losing weight takes a long time and managing to develop a healthy lifestyle is one essential factor to reach your goal weight.

And for those who are wondering, will walking be ever helpful to lose weight and even burn calories?

The answer is “yes”. But still, walking alone is not enough. You may lose weight and burn calories but if you’re still not eating right and not conscious of your food portion, it will do nothing. Your efforts will only be wasted.

Trista Best, MPH, RD, LD, a Registered Dietitian at Balance One Supplements said that apart from weight loss, walking can also help improve joint, hip, and knee pain.

It will also help you improve your respiratory system which may lead to a reduced risk of getting respiratory illnesses.

But how many calories you will burn and how much weight you will lose will vary.

Here are some tips:

  • Walk briskly. Your pace will make a huge difference compared to walking slowly. It doesn’t mean you should but a brisk walk will do.
  • Put on some weight on your body like a weighted vest. A study called The Metabolic Cost of Slow Graded Treadmill Walking With a Weighted Vest in Untrained Females found out that a person burned 12% more calories compared to the person that did not.
  • Walking uphill will also make you burn calories. Try to incorporate this into your outdoor walking routine.
  • Make sure you maintain proper form and posture. This may also help you increase your speed in walking.
  • In the middle of walking, you may want to add some exercises like squats, pushups, burpees, tricep dips, lunges, and others.
  • Walk in intervals to increase burned calories.
  • Aim to walk more steps each day.


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