Electrolytes: What Are These & Why The Body Need It


What are electrolytes? Electrolytes are described as substances that assist your body in several processes, including chemical reactions and fluid balance. Most people grab a drink filled with electrolytes after working out or exercising instead of plain water as it is believed this can replenish the body. Power drinks or energy drinks, some called sports … Read more

Regular Exercise: How To Sneak Workout Into Your Day?

Regular Exercise

In order to have regular exercise, here’s how to sneak this into your busy day. REGULAR EXERCISE – Here are the easy ways to sneak activity into your day if you are finding it hard to find time to work out. One core factor in maintaining a healthy body and good health is being physically … Read more

Weight Loss: What Happens When You Lose A Lot Of Weight?

Weight Loss

What are the effects of weight loss that you probably don’t know yet? WEIGHT LOSS – There is no single approach to losing weight but these are the effects you will experience if you shed your excess pounds. One of the major public health concerns worldwide is obesity and weight gain. There are many ways … Read more

Strength Training Benefits – How To Get Stronger and Healthier

Strength Training Benefits

STRENGTH TRAINING BENEFITS – This is an important part of overall fitness and these are the benefits of doing this kind of training. We all want to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and burn calories more efficiently and we can do this through strength training. This type of training is particularly essential for … Read more