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Sleep Deprivation: Its Causes and Effects To The Body

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What are causes of sleep deprivation and its effects to the body?

SLEEP DEPRIVATION – Here are the cause and the effects of lack of sleep to the body and our health that you probably don’t know yet.

Amid the quarantine where most of us just stay within the safety of our homes, aside from getting bored, the stress we get due to pandemic seems like making our thoughts restless resulting to lack of sleep. As much as we are all aware of, the body needs enough rest to get through the following day. not enough sleep can affect health, well-being, and ability to do your daily tasks.

Sleep Deprivation

Now, here’s what you need to know about the effects if you deprive yourself of sleep:

  • Brain – It can impact both the long-term and short term memory. Also, it affects the following parts: prefrontal cortex for reasoning, amygdala for emotion, and difficulty to form new memories which can as well affect your learning skills.
  • Immune system – It weakens the immune system and make a person be more prone to infections and respiratory diseases.
  • Diabetes – It increases risk to develop type 2 diabetes which is one of its long term effects and complications.
  • Weight – If you don’t have enough sleep, you are likely to suffer weight gain for it affects the hormones controlling our feeling of hunger and fullness.
  • High Blood Pressure – Sleeping less than 5 hours can cause hypertension which also one of its long term effects and complications as per article from Health Line.

Accordingly, there are certain reason why you have to deprive yourself of sleep such as change of work shift, meeting a deadline, noisy environment, not the right temperature, using gadgets or other electronic devices when you’re about to sleep, medical problems (such as depression, sleep apnea, or chronic pain), and others.


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