Foods That Cause Colon Cancer? List of Foods & Drinks To Avoid

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Drinks & Foods that Cause Colon Cancer Thus You Must Not Take Too Much of Them

FOODS THAT CAUSE COLON CANCER – Here is a guide on the foods and drinks that you must avoid to keep your body healthy and fully-functioning.

Cancer is one of the diseases that is very expensive to treat. Also, a lot of people lost their lives to this disease which can affect the different organs of the body and as well as the blood.

On another side, there are also those who survived this disease. The treatment to patients may vary as one may not work on patient A but might work on patient B.

However, prevention is always better than cure. One of the most common types of cancer and as well as one of those that are hard to treat is the disease that targets the colon.

Foods that Cause Colon Cancer
Photo: Harvard Health

To prevent this disease, you must also avoid the drinks and foods that cause colon cancer. Undeniably, there are many of them that are part of our diet.

Preventing cancer does not mean fully eradicating certain foods and drinks. The key is to have them in recommended amount whenever you can’t really resist from eating or drinking them.

Based on a report on Geisinger, there is a set of drinks and two sets of foods that cause colon cancer. Here is a list of the consumption that you must control:

  • Process Meat and Red Meat
    • Meat the are processed such as salami and bacon may be delicious but consuming at least 50 grams of them daily may be cancerous as to the World Health Organization. Red meats like pork, beef, and lamb are also considered to have the same effect if not taken moderately.
  • White Bread
    • Based on the article, the refined grains which can be found in foods made of white flour including white bread can cause a spike to the blood sugar level. It can further lead to insulin resistance which can boost your risk of cancer.
  • Sugary Drinks
    • According to Dr. Bogdan Protyniak, the sugar in drinks can cause chronic inflammation. You must prefer drinks with water and those that are low in calories and sugar.

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