SILENT STROKE – What Is Silent Stroke? Doc Willie Ong Explains Important Details

What do we need to know about silent stroke?

SILENT STROKE – Here are some of the most important things and details that we must know about silent stroke explained by Doc Willie Ong.

A stroke to a lot of people is anchored to results such as slurred speech, numbness, or loss of movement in the face or body. But in “silent” stroke, it’s a different case for this never displays any symptoms at all and very hard to recognize.

There a lot of cases where some people are already suffering silent stroke but no one knows it even themselves. This case or condition is called silent stroke and they either have no easy-to-recognize symptoms, or you don’t remember it at all. You can only know that you have suffered it if you undergo CT scan or MRI where the damage will eventually show up. This type of stroke is accordingly 14 times more common compared to other types of common strokes.

Who are at risk?

  • persons with high blood pressure
  • persons with high cholesterol level
  • persons using drugs
  • persons suffering to much stress
  • persons with diabetes
  • smokers
  • persons with history of stroke
  • overweight
  • sedentary lifestyle


  • sudden mood and personality changes
  • uncontrollable solid or liquid excretion to older people
  • muscle movement is not coordinated or lack of muscle coordination
  • losing of balance
  • forgetfulness


  • quit smoking
  • maintain ideal weight
  • avoid salty foods
  • cut off and avoid foods in high cholesterol
  • eat two cups of vegetable and two cups of fruits everyday
  • regular exercise for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour for sweating regulates blood flow and one way to keep your body active
  • healthy diet
  • reduce stress

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