Stroke Warning Signs? Dr. Willie Ong Cites Symptoms You Must Not Ignore

Dr. Willie Ong Cites Stroke Warning Signs / Symptoms

STROKE WARNING SIGNS – Doctor Willie Ong cited the early symptoms that you must not ignore as it can be followed by stroke.

Every day, we can acquire a lot of diseases as each can be caused by several factors. The environmental pollution, the people we engage with, and the changing weather condition are just some of these factors that can cause our sickness.

Unfortunately, aside from the daily risk of getting diseases, we may also be at risk for certain health conditions that can lead to sudden death. One of these health conditions is stroke. Also called as “brain attack”, stroke happens when there is a cut of the blood flow to a certain area of the brain.

A lot of people sadly faced sudden demise due to stroke. While many survive, many people are also left with paralyzed bodies. This condition is considered as one of the trickiest health conditions.

Stroke can be prevented or, at least, its effects can be mitigated. One of the ways we can do is to get ourselves aware of the stroke warning signs. In a video, Dr. Willie Ong generously pointed out these symptoms that we must not ignore as they can be followed by stroke:

  • can hardly speak fluently or clearly
  • numbness
  • fatigue
  • struggles balancing the body
  • dizziness
  • blurry vision

Based on the video of Dr. Willie Ong, when a person is suffering from mild stroke, the aforementioned stroke warning signs vanish after a while and then return. It is best to go for a check-up if you are experiencing these symptoms.

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