HEALTH TIPS – You Should Avoid Doing These Things After Eating

Health tips on what you should never do after eating.

HEALTH TIPS – Here are the things that should not do and avoid doing after you finish eating according to medical expert Doc Willie Ong.

Eating is surely among our most favorite part in a day. It does not just make our stomach full but it also relieves stress and improves our mood, most especially, if we love what’s on the table. But what do you do after you eat? Doc Willie Ong shares some information as to what we shouldn’t do.

Read these health tips about the things you should not do after eating below:

  • Don’t lie down or sleep after eating
    • For obvious reasons, sleeping in full stomach will make the food you ate go up through your esophagus which will eventually trigger acid reflux, bangungot, and indigestion. After eating, it is better to stand or sit first.
  • Exercising
    • Doing exercises, running, or hitting the gym right after eating is prohibited. Wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour before doing it to melt down foods you’ve taken up first. Meanwhile, it is advised to do walking after eating to aid digestion process.
  • Avoid taking a bath
    • Taking a shower after eating might affect the digestion process. The blood for digestion process might go to other parts of the body if you will take a shower after eating.Wait for at least 30 minutes.
  • Don’t smoke
    • Smoking, as a common knowledge, is definitely bad to the overall health.
  • Don’t stress too much
    • If an event is upcoming right after eating, don’t eat too much and don’t stress too much for adrenaline will spike up resulting to acid attack.
  • Don’t eat again
    • If you are already full, try not to eat another meal again in order to avoid weight gain.

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