q HORMONES - Reason Why You're Getting Fat Without Eating Too Much

HORMONES – Reason Why You’re Getting Fat Without Eating Too Much

How does hormones affect us?

HORMONES – Doc Willie Ong elaborates and discusses hormones that affects us by gaining weight despite the fact of not eating too much fatty and sweet foods.

The hormones of the body are the ones responsible for sending message to another part of the body which is sometimes called as the “chemical messenger” for they provide an internal communication system. They affect processes such as growth and development, metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, and mood. But aside from that, have you noticed yourself gaining weight even if you don’t eat a lot? In some cases, this is also because of hormones.

These are the hormones that actually make you fat:

  • Cortisol (high cortisol level increases stress which sometimes unconsciously lead to stress eating that makes you gain weight)
  • Leptin (this signals the brain that we are full already but if it resists, we unmindfully just eat way too much)
  • High Estrogen
  • Low Thyroid
  • Low Growth Hormone
  • Imbalanced Testosterone
  • High Insulin

How to lose weight if hormones made you fat and tips to balance hormones:

  • Eat healthy fats such as avocado, nuts, olive oil, and among others.
  • Take drinks with lactobacilli such as yakult and yogurt.
  • Use bottle of bottled water just once. Moreover, never drink hot water from it for it will melt and the chemicals will be combined to the water.
  • Exercise such as 30 minutes of running will increase metabolism and will make you active.
  • Sleep and rest enough because lack of sleep will increase cortisol level.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks because too much intake of this increases estrogen level.
  • Birth control pills also causes which gain, softens bones, affects the back, and among other complications.

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