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Pulse Oximetry: Guide On How To Know If Oxygen Level is Normal

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Guide on Pulse Oximetry Oxygen Level Reading

PULSE OXIMETRY – Here is a guide on how to know if your oxygen level is normal using this device or you need some intervention.

Truth be told that the COVID-19 pandemic made a lot of people who were not conscious about their health before be extra careful. There is a real existing threat to human health. In fact, several reports showed that even animals are at risk.

Under the new normal setting, people realized the value of a healthy diet, of enough rest and sleep, and of boosting the body’s immunity as a whole.

Many households also made sure to acquire the devices and equipment needed for health purposes. One of these is the Pulse Oximetry.

Pulse Oximetry
Photo: Cape Cod Healthcare

The Pulse Oximetry is a device that measures the saturation level of oxygen in the blood. It is important to have this at home most especially if one of you has an asthma.

The reading of this device will determine whether the person needs medical intervention for low oxygen level or not. Low oxygen level made be damaging to the cells.

Based on an article on Healthline, citing American Thoracic Society, 89% of the blood must be carrying oxygen. It is the level needed to keep the cells healthy.

However, frequent low oxygen concentration in the blood is also not healthy for the cells. The percentage considered typical for healthy people is 95%. A level below 92% can indicate possible low oxygen saturation in the blood.

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