MILK BENEFITS – Who Needs To Drink Milk Everyday?

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Milk benefits and what happens if you drink it everyday.

MILK BENEFITS – Doctor Willie Ong and Liza Ong explains the benefits of milk and how it affects the body if you drink it everyday.

As adults, we are all surely aware how good is milk to everyone for it has an array of nutrients that the body needs for growth, especially to children. This is also essential as energy source, for skin care, and to prevent stress. According to doctors Willie Ong and Liza Ong, the following are just some nutrients we can get from milk:

Milk Benefits
  • Calcium for bones and teeth
  • Protein as energy source and in building and repairing of muscles
  • Potassium for healthy blood pressure
  • Vitamin D for bones
  • Vitamin B12 for healthy blood cells and nerve tissues
  • Vitamin A for immune system, vision, and skin
  • Phosphorus to generate energy

It is suggested by them to drink a glass of milk everyday to prevent weight gain and to aid the right amount of calcium we actually need in a day to day basis. If you have lactose intolerance, the medical experts recommended soya milk or almond milk as replacement,

Whole milk is highly-recommended to children for their growth and for those who wanted to gain weight. There are also the reduced and low fat milk. And for adults, there are these non-fat and skimmed milk that has the lowest calorie.

Also, both of them strongly suggested for everyone of any age to start drinking as soon as now if you are not doing so yet. According to studies, drinking of milk at young age will have stronger bones when they get older.

So, who needs to drink milk everyday? Everyone of us should.

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