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Migraine Vs. Headache – The Differences Between These Two Conditions

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Guide on the Migraine Vs. Headache Differences

MIGRAINE VS. HEADACHE – Here is a guide on the differences between migraine and headache which are two of the most common conditions.

A lot of people are undeniably dealing with headache on a frequent basis. There are a lot of factors that can trigger it including the following:

  • weather condition
  • too much exposure to radiation
  • starvation
  • stress
  • vision problems
  • lack of sleep
Migraine Vs. Headache
Photo Credit: American Migraine Foundation

Some people suffer from typical headache while others already deal with migraine. Many are curious whether it is headache or migraine that they are experiencing since both bring pressure or pain in the head.

However, there are differences and we must take note of them. They can help distinguish whether it is a typical headache or migraine that you’re suffering from.

Headache Vs. Migraine

Headache – There is pressure or aching and the pain can range from mild to severe. According to HealthLine, the pain can be present in the specific areas including the forehead, the temples, and the back of the neck.

Also, there are several types of headache. Take note of the following which are among the common headache:

  • Cluster Headache – The pain occurs in one side of the head and come in clusters. You can experience cycles of headache attacks and then periods of not experiencing it.
  • Sinus Headache – This type of headache is accompanied by sinus infection signs such as stuffy nose, fever, cough, congestion, and facial pressure.

Migraine – Based on the article, the pain caused by migraine is severe and it is often accompanied by other signs such as the following:

  • nausea
  • pain behind one eye or ear
  • pain in the temples
  • seeing spots or flashing lights
  • sensitivity to light and/or sound
  • temporary vision loss
  • vomiting

It is best to know whether it is headache or migraine that you are suffering from. It is best to see a doctor for the right treatment of your condition.

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