Lack of Sleep & Cancer – Revelations on How They Are Actually Connected

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Are Lack of Sleep & Cancer Connected to Each Other?

LACK OF SLEEP & CANCER – Here are some revelations on how insufficient sleep or staying late at night is connected with cancer.

Undeniably, the world has changed so much and while there are a lot of things that made people’s lives easier and happier, there are also things that became common but are actually unhealthy for a certain aspect of a person’s life.

For example, the lack of sleep. It is quite normal nowadays for students to go to school, employees to attend to work, or another person to perform the day’s tasks even without having enough sleep the night before it. This is a usual scenario in the lives of a lot of people but it is not healthy.

Lack of Sleep & Cancer

The lack of sleep affects the health of a person and as well as the mental and emotional state of a person. It is connected to several health conditions.

Is there a link between the lack of sleep & cancer? There are actually connections in almost all areas. Based on an article on Hopkins Medicine, a research found that one in four survivors of cancer experiences difficulty sleeping at night. Helping them improve their sleep can really aid in improving their performance in school or at work.

With regards to the lack of sleep being a trigger of the development of cancer, based on the article, an unhealthy sleeping routine or disrupted body clock can really increase the risks of several types of cancer including cancer of the colon and ovaries. Exposure to light during night shifts may also trigger the said health condition.

During the treatment of cancer, insufficient or disrupted sleep may also be experienced by the patient. In most cases, it is due to the different symptoms felt by the patient that makes sleeping difficult. The advice for the patients is to tell the people around to lessen the interruption and take relaxation techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy to improve their sleep.

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