Kidney Stones Treatment: Doc Willie Ong Cites Best Food To Eat

KIDNEY STONES TREATMENT – Doctor Willie Ong cited the best foods to eat if you are dealing with a kidney stone problem.

The extent of kidney stone problem varies from person to person. There are cases that do not need operation. Instead, medication and proper diet are observed to treat the problem.

Kidney Stones – Dr. Willie Ong Explains How To Spot Kidney Stones & Food Best To Eat

Dr. Willie Ong Gives Tips on How To Spot Kidney Stones & the Best Food To Eat If You Have It

KIDNEY STONES – Doctor Willie Ong explained how to spot if you have a kidney stone or not and the best food to eat.

One of the rampant kidney problems nowadays is kidney stone. More and more people are suffering from the build-up of minerals and salts inside the body. It can be inherited but it can also be a product of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The treatment to this condition sometimes depend on the size of the stones that were seen inside the kidney or in areas near it. Some people who found out about their kidney problem early went through laser while others just needed some medicine to treat it.

Unfortunately, in the case of other people, there was a need for an operation. How to spot if you have kidney stones? That is what Dr. Willie Ong explained in a video. He also cited the food that are best to eat and best to avoid if you have this kidney problem.

If you have a kidney stone, you may suffer from:

  • painful urination
  • changes in the color of urine into light pink

According to Doc Willie, the light pink color of the urine indicates that there is blood. In case you experience these two (2) signs, it is best to see a doctor. Most likely, you will be advised to undergo a urinalysis.

Food & Drinks Best To Eat / Drink If You Have Kidney Stone:

  • Citrus fruits
    • dalandan
    • kalamansi
    • orange
    • lemons
  • Calcium-rich food
    • milk
    • yogurt
    • cheese
    • tofu
    • vegetables
  • Vitamin D-rich food
    • fish
    • cheese
    • egg

Food & Drinks To Avoid If You Have Kidney Stone:

  • Salty Food
  • Protein-rich food
  • Food rich in sugar

Based on the post, the usual kidney stones are calcium stones, calcium oxalate, and uric acid stones.

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